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6 vital reasons to care for your skin; Are you looking after yours? 0

The function of our skin is vital for good health and in fact survival. Have you seen the

movie Gold Finger? The ‘Bond Girl’ is covered in gold paint and subsequently dies. Our skin needs to breath and if it can’t breath our health is jeopardized.

  • Maureen Callister

Maureen 0

Would you like more support and someone to comfort and take care of you?
Who wouldn’t? And I believe you are not alone. We all need connection and understanding.
  • Maureen Callister

Mother’s Day 0

Mothers Day is approaching again when mothers get recognized for the wonderful job they do. 

M others are the center of the home and the family. She manages all the activities of the day and juggles the needs of each of the family members.

  • Maureen Callister

Getting to know the Altearah Perfumes. 0

Altearah Perfumes are not like other perfumes.

Each one delivers you with the opportunity to experience a mood and sensation that is unique and personal. Where else are you able to select from 14 emotions, each one delicately blended to take you on a journey into yourself.

  • Maureen Callister

Use Colour as Healing Energy 0

Imagine a world in black and white, how depressing – right?

We all prefer the colour version but have you considered the fact that that you actually cannot survive without colour?

  • Maureen Callister

Living in Harmony 0

Today is Harmony day in Australia to encourage all Australian’s to remember to be respectful and accepting of the many and varied cultures in our communities.

Everyone wants to feel safe and free from the fear of being judged for how the look or for what they do. Often people feel threatened by differences because we fear what we do not understand. 

  • Maureen Callister